Why Roost?

We'll tell you why!

Main reason... Because it's the best, easiest, most automated way of managing your flat! Helping you manage expenses without using your head!


Auto Invoicing

Forget weekly invoicing or reminders, Roost automatically generates and notifies your tenants when rent is due!


Contract Manager

Add contracts for tenants, start and end dates, rent amount and billing frequency, contract terms and print out signable forms.


Tenants & Properties

Easily create properties, set up tenants and their information within them. Create contracts & upload information about each tenant.


Chore Manager

Set up chores for tenants and Roost automatically email or texts them when due. Make sure things get done, without having to remind everyone.


Bank Statements

Upload your bank statement and Roost will help you match them with those who owe you money. Save time, just a few minutes a month!


Split Payments

Generate invoices for your tenants and split them evenly between or even by custom ratios such as 25% 25% 50% etc.


Allocate Payments

Allocate full and part payments to invoices. If a tenant pays you $10 cash and $150 direct credit, you can add these individually.


File Manager

Upload files for each tenant including contracts, references, direct credit statements etc. (limits apply to the amount of file space)

why use Roost tenant manager

Advantages over using your memory or a notepad...

  1. Roost's smart databases never forget things you're owed, unlike your mind that sometimes can!
  2. Roost can be accessed anywhere, whether you're shearing sheep in Wanaka or surfing waves in Hawaii!
  3. Roost has automatic systems that run daily to send out overdue reminders to tenants owing you money!
  4. With Roost, you can manage your tenants include uploading files to each tenant, these files could include things from an image of the tenant to their signed rental agreement.
  5. Roost makes things quick & easy when you've got a complex receipt of groceries to split between 4 people. Simply set up the invoice and set the percentage of the receipt each tenant pays.