About Roost

"Roost is a simple-to-use rent management system for landlords, homeowners & home investors to manage tenants of their properties.

Roost was developed and created by Matt in early 2014 after he found it difficult to manage several tenants' expenses all at once, in his head. Therefore the idea of the website came about. As Matt owns a web design firm, he already knows the ins and outs of web design, therefore he and his team built Roost with the idea of bridging technology with tenant management.

Roost has built-in systems to make the management of financials from tenants a walk in the park! Setup your property & tenants, add a contract & Roost will create automatic invoices & email them (and even text*) them straight to the tenant!


Don't loose track of money you're owed!
Roost makes sure you get every cent by carefully tracking your rental payments

Roost makes it easy for splitting bills, go grocery shopping, pay the power bill, buy a new Playstation & simply setup a new invoice and select WHO and HOW MUCH each tenant will pay! It's easy and when you receive payments, you can see how much has been paid & who still owes you!

If you're an investor with more than one property, you can easily manage the many tenants you may have without getting confused with who is who. Each tenant can be associated to their respective properties, so when splitting invoices between certain households, you can just simply select what property you're creating the invoice for and Roost will look for ALL tenants in that household.

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* Charges apply.